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An Easy Sunday

Today, my knee is feeling much better.  After we clean up the house a bit, we are on our way to Big Lots Discount Store.  They have some cute toys that I want to get for my grandson.  He is a big fan of Thomas the Train.  Once I get  his shopping done I will feel much better about Christmas.  The rest of my grown children and my parents will be getting picture calenders. My mom especially like this gift last year, and is requesting the same for this year. 

 I still have to update my $500 Christmas Challenge,   but sometimes I can be such a procrastinator!!  But compared to last year, I am doing better financially. 

The pictures are of family and each month is dedicated to that person's birthday or special event.  I think my kids will like it too.  Usually we plan to have our Thanksgiving a weekend before the actual holiday, this frees up the kids to visit with their other family members, in laws and out laws.  Certainly less hassle getting around on the holiday to visit everyone and try to make everyone happy.    But... this year we are skipping it.  My knee surgery kinda put a kink in that.  But... for Christmas, we are definitely planning it a week ahead for family!

Christmas is a season, and it is more enjoyable to celebrate more than just one day a year. 

Hope you all have a great Sunday!


Rafiki said...

So happy to read that your surgery turned out successful. I like your Christmas gift idea with the calenders. Enjoy your Sunday.

Cpeicheff said...

I think all kids love Thomas! They're such great toys! :) My girls still play with the wooden train set sometimes! Happy shopping!

Jane said...

We like making calendars too - they make a more personal gift - everybody seems to like them and I do take a LOT of photos! Have a great day!

Sharon said...

I still have ALL of my son's Thomas trains...we even have the table with track. I'm saving it, because it's one of those toys that never goes out of style AND the trains are wood! LOVE IT!

You are right...Christmas is a season...and as soon as I'm finished with the shopping (in November!!!), I'm going to enjoy every last bit of it. My challenge will be to STAY OUT OF STORES! Even though I didn't quite make it to a $500.00 Christmas, I have to say I saved ALOT of money anyway! I'm already starting on my Swagbucks for next year! :)!