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Monday Agenda and What-Nots

Did everyone get adjusted to daylight savings yet?  Not me.  I could barely stay awake for "The Amazing Race" last night. When it gets dark so early, I just want to go to sleep!  I will be busy the first couple days of this week,  My knee surgery is taking place this Wednesday.  I am anxious to get this done and over with.  In the future, I am promising myself to take better care of my knees.  The lack of mobility and the PAIN are no joke!

This morning is a day of packing up items that sold on Ebay this weekend.  Five out of six items are packed and the last item may take a bit of crafty wrapping and packing.   Mr. CTS sold a "found" set of Samurai Swords.  They are ornamental AND sharp.  This will be an interesting packing experience.

 After a few errands to the Post Office, Grocery Store, and Bank my day will be complete.  Hope you all have a great Monday!

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Tanner E said...

I didn't even feel the extra hour of sleep. Wish you the best on your surgery! Hope everything goes well.

Sluggy said...

Best of luck with that surgery. I see a knee surgery in my future as well....sigh.
I saw those swords and immediately started calculating how to wrap them to ship....that's what selling on eBay for years does for your brain.lol

Jane said...

Tubes for the swords?? I haven't recovered from the time change - I thought I slept pretty well last night but I yawned my face off at work this morning, which doesn't usually happen. Oh well.
Good luck with your surgery - I really hope it WORKS and you're back to doing cartwheels soon!

One Cent At A Time said...

I loved gaining an hour. Thanks for linking back the carnival

AverageJoe said...

I adjusted justttttttttasddddddddawwwww


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