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February Challenges... Here We Go

February is going to be a busy month.  Okay we're off again for February and this time Carla is holding a double challenge; a Low (No) Spend Challenge and a De-Clutter Challenge. I'm taking part in the De-Clutter Challenge  only and so I need to set my goals and my rules.  This month I will be going back to my home and this will give me the opportunity to start getting rid of stuff.  I have two of the bedrooms completely empty and primed, ready to paint.  All that "stuff" is in the garage, living room and my bedroom.

Goals for February:
  •   Paint rooms
  •  Go through the stuff in garage and reduce the stuff
  •   Donate the party decor that I won't use
  •   Organize important papers for both houses ( stuff is everywhere)
  •   Decide on whether to keep golf clubs or sell them
  •   Go through grandson's toys and decide what to donate
That is it for now.  As the month progresses, I will add to this list and I will document with pictures.
( Hopefully the producers for "Hoarders" don't see the pictures!)

My fellow blogger  saving for travel started the sealed pot challenge back in December and because I love a challenge I had to join in. I'll let sft explain the aim of the challenge;

Little bits and bobs of money are squirrelled away in an assortment of SEALED POTS and the result is....A NICE CHUNK OF MONEY JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS, OR TO PUT TOWARDS HOLIDAYS... OR A TREAT, OR LOTS OF FUN when we open them in DEC 2012!Following the CHALLENGE couldn't be easier as you simply get a pot (mine is an old gravy tub but others have posher types), make a hole for cash (if not provided), make sure it's sealed so you can't open it, chuck your spare cash in it and then ON THE 3RD DEC WE WILL OPEN THEM TOGETHER! It's not a competition, we just will support each other here to keep going with ANOTHER CRAZY SCHEME TO SAVE MONEY!
I am late in starting this challenge, but hey.....better late than never.  I have been stashing change away in a Ziploc bag, but will definitely get a sturdier container in place...... pictures to follow.

And to help everyone to get ready for the Holidays... I have started the $500 Holiday Challenge.  You don't necessarily have to limit your Holiday spending to just $500 dollars, but this challenge is to motive, inspire and help you stay within in YOUR budget. 
I hope you will join in too!!

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Canadiansaver said...

Good luck on your February declutter challenge!

I too am late starting the sealed pot challenge, but I had been saving my change so it'll all balance out :-)

CentsToSave said...

Thanks! I figure better late than not at all with the sealed pot challenge!

Jane said...

YAY - glad you're joining in on one of Carla's challenges! Perfect timing for you I'd say! We're going to be BUSY!!

frank howard said...

structured settlement cash

Carla said...

Great goals for the month Lisa!! Kids toys do create clutter crazy fast, don't they?!? I posted about my "$500" challenge today! :)

CentsToSave said...

Yes.... crazy clutter is a great term to describe it! Thanks for participating!

CentsToSave said...

You have no idea how much clutter I need to get rid of, move around..... will be posting pictures.