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Menu Plan Monday ~ Jan 2

My easy split pea soup
Time to start the New Year out right with some proper menu planning.  My mom helped with the menu this week.  She was craving a few things that the hospital did not have.  In the hospital's favor, mom raved about the food that they did serve her, she just had a desire for some of her own cooking.  

Monday:  Chili  and cornbread ( It is getting a little chilly in Central Florida this week!  In the mid 30's tonight!) 

Tuesday:  Baked chicken breasts with Panko crumbs

Wednesday:  Sukiyaki    with rice (one of mom's favorites)

Thursday:  Eating Out.  A local seafood restaurant has a half-priced menu on Thursdays.  We are there!

Friday:   Slow Cooker Lasagna  (borrowed from the Duggar Family Favorite Recipes)       I will be using my crock pot liners for this recipe!   

Saturday:  Split Pea soup in the crock pot

Sunday:  Chicken and dumplings.

 Are you incorporating menu planning into your schedule this year?

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Niki said...

Looking yummy!

Judi said...

Looks delish! I made my pea soup today, I froze it for lunches for days that I am too lazy to make one, lol!

Jpkittie said...


Aaron Hung said...

Nice to eat out once in awhile though right?

CentsToSave said...


CentsToSave said...


CentsToSave said...

That sounds like a plan!

CentsToSave said...