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The Saved Quarter Challenge~ 2012~ #1

Once again, Penny at the Saved Quarter is starting up her "Saved Quarter Challenge". I did participate in  Saved Quarter Challenge last year and was successful in planning and saving for my $500 Holiday Challenge.   This year the focus of her 2012 Challenge is more Goal Oriented. Decide what you want to accomplish and set the objectives and work the plan to succeed.

Here are my objectives for this year's challenge.

1.  Eliminate our Credit Card Debt which is currently hovering around $11,000.00.

    This will require at least an additional 1,000.00 dollars a month in earnings to accomplish this goal.  My current situation is that of a full time caregiver for both my parents.  I put my career as a sonographer (ultrasound tech) on hold for the duration.  My husband's income covers our current bills, and not much else. For now we are living at my parents until mom is finished with radiation therapy.  Our plans will be to move both my parents out to our home so we can care for them until my mom regains her strength.   Mom is in agreement to contribute to the household income while she and dad are living with us.  It will be tight, but doable.

2.  This year I joined the Online Money Bloggers 30k challenge.  In order to successfully complete the challenge I will have to earn $2500.00 EACH month via my blog ad revenue or Virtual Assisting jobs.  I currently have a small client base that I provide proofreading/editing for.  Right now, I am not on track to see that $2500.00 this month, but it is still early yet.  I am excited to learn from others in the 30k challenge.

3.  Travel.   This year I(we) want to travel to San Francisco. We have an abnormal obsession with Alcatraz and cannot wait to take a tour of it..... among the other attractions that San Francisco has to offer.  There is also FinCon12    The Financial Blogger Conference that is a three day conference designed to bring together the best of the personal finance community so that we can network and learn.  This sounds like fun!!    The travel may have to wait, depending on my parents health status.  But I am still planning for it. 

Report of income for week 1:   $4.00.   Pretty sad, right?    Sure is room for improvement here. I will wait till the end of the month and provide the income total and actually apply it to the debt.

How about you?  Do you have any earning goals for your blog?  Join along with Penny at The Save Quarter with her challenge. 

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Carla said...

I love your goals, Lisa!! You reach for the stars! Wishing you all the very best! I hope you hit every one of your goals!! :)

I have no $$ goals for my blog, I get some custom sewing orders & photo shoots here & there, and I'm content with that. :)

Nd Chic said...

I'm right there with you on Alcatraz. I love watching shows about prisons and Alcatraz has such a deep history. They usually say that nobody has ever escaped Alcatraz but one man did escape. He didn't make it to land but he escaped. That's really cool. I don't usually meet other women who have such an interest in prisons

Pam at MoneyTrail said...

I'm still in the learning process of monetizing the blog. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Newlywedsonabudget said...

hey $4 is still $4 more dollars than you had before!

Lisa @ Cents to Save said...

Thanks Carla! Your sewing talents can definitely increase your income. I love my camera strap :)

Lisa @ Cents to Save said...

Too funny that YOU are fascinated with Alcatraz too!! I can't wait to visit it.

Lisa @ Cents to Save said...

Very true!

Lisa @ Cents to Save said...

It is a start! Not complaining.... but there is so much room for improvement here!

The Saved Quarter said...

Great goals - challenging but doable!

If you go to San Francisco, be sure to ask for recommendations of activities on the cheap. We live in the area and there are lots of ways to enjoy the city without spending a fortune. :)

The Jenny Pincher said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip to Alcatraz! That is exciting! My abnormal session is with the Royal Family and my aunt and I are planning a trip to London this year.
I hope things go ok with your parents, I know that can be stressful.

Bezai1212 said...

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CentsToSave said...

The trip to London sounds exciting too!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures either!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks for the tip Penny! I will do that..... or Email you :)