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Sunday Night Chit Chat

Caleb and his bucket of eggs
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Reading?  Oh...... I barely get the paper read each day.  To much time on the computer.
Watching?  The Good Wife.  Pretty good show...... a high school friend has a part on this show. So, I get to watch it and try to find him. 
Listening to?  Background noise ...... the dog is snoring.  Does that count? :)
Cooking/Baking? I did make bread yesterday.  Definitely going to do it again next week too! 
Happy you accomplished this week?  I have successfully organized my eBay inventory.  That sounds like I have a lot of stuff, doesn't it?   I could have more. 
Looking forward to next week?  Enjoying this wonderful weather.  I love this time of year. 
Thankful for today?  The love of family and friends.  I am blessed.

1 comment:

C.R.P said...

Oh my! Caleb is sooo sweet! What a cutie pie he is!! :) You are blessed!!