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Debt Snow Flake Challenge: Gearing Up For September

 Since August is almost gone, I am looking ahead to September.  It has been a loooong time since I participated in the Debt Snowflake Challenge, but time for me to get a little more organized financially.

September Mini Goals:

1.  Prepare for Mini Trip to Mountains in October (Tennessee)
        (not the most frugal thing, but we are going!)

2.  Reduce credit card debt to 9000.00 from 10,000.00
     (part time income from eBay and adjunct position)

3.  Get  busy with my $500.00 Christmas Challenge
    I have a few things purchased, but still lots to do!

4.  Travel a different way to work to avoid excessive tolls.
     I have been trying out different routes to find a way that
     is going to get me to work on time and for less toll money

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Lena Shannon said...

Great goals! Good luck!

Jai Catalano said...

Did you get a route that saves you money? We have state lines to cross. I told my wife she should swim from NYC to NJ so we can save 8 dollars a day. I am still on the couch. :)

laura @ no more spending said...

Good luck Lisa! :)

Lisa Richardson said...

lol! The route I currently travel is not as costly too wise, but there seems to be more accidents which is a huge time suck.