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Operation Christmas Child: Flip Flop Update

 After finding out about a great clearance sale that Michael's was having on Flip Flops, I managed to find a total of 124 flip flops at an average cost of $28.52 for all of them.  That is an average cost of 23 cents each.  (The average cost includes tax and other discounts)  Woo Hoo!

These items will be going into Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.  If you remember, I am planning (with the help of friends) we are going to put together at least 100 boxes!!

 I picked up some other items at 90% clearance too.

The chalk was only 10 cents a pack.

 The Flowers are on clips.  I thought they were bright and cheery!  Only 20 cents each!

These are cute felt totes to go in the shoe boxes.  Only about 18 cents each.  Wish I could have found more of these!

This is my stash of Crayons and erasers.  I missed the back to school sales, so I am stocking up as I go along.

These are bags of 12 erasers for your pencils.  Each bag was only a nickel.  It was a special deal at Office Depot.  I probably have about 50 bags of them.  I will split them up and put them in the sheoboxes.

That is about it for Operation Christmas Child shopping thus far.  The total is at $37.61 cents.  And it looks like I am going to need a separate category in my budget for   this alone.  I may use some of my eBay earnings to fund filling the shoeboxes. Or as Louise suggested, install a button so others can contribute to alleviate the costs.

Our biggest need right now is Pencils.  We have none.  Keep that need in your prayers :)

Addendum:  Just found out Staples has 8 paks of pencils for a quarter.  Limit 4!  

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C.R.P said...

Install a PayPal button, Lisa!! :) A few $$ here and there will help!

debby said...

What a great way to put a smile on a child's face!!!! Don't know if you have a "staples" in your area, they were running a 1 cent sale on a box of pencils. You are a wonderful Angel for doing all this

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Debby,

Just checked out the Staples ad online. I found a sale of an 8pk of pencils for .25 cents. That is a pretty good deal. About 3 cents a pencil. Thanks for the tip!

Lisa Richardson said...

You think that will be okay Carla?
I might just do that. Thanks

C.R.P said...

Absolutely!! I'd definitely donate here & there!! :) Promise!!

Evan@MyJourneytoMillions said...

You didn't provide a link to what Operation Christmas Child was? Are you setting up to donate this stuff?

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Evan! A link is to Operation Christmas Child is in place. National collection week begins Nov 12 of this year. I am planning (with the help of friends) to put together 100 boxes.

DonnaJ said...

We love this ministry and do boxes every single year! And its awesome to hit sales like you posted about. You can buy lots and bless many children! We used OCC for my oldest sons Eagle Scout project 11 years ago ~ we stuffed 250 boxes and had great donations from many people.