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Here is the monthly budget for September 2012.  Truth be told, I have not been serious on the budget thingy, but I am inspired to do better.  At least for this month.

There are some areas that can be cut back a bit, such as grocery.  Okay.. maybe only grocery can be cut back a bit.  At least I hope so.  Groceries are so expensive, that I am going to have to shop smarter.   Eating out could be another area to cut back on or eliminate... but we will see.  We just like to eat out once in a while.


Mortgage 884

Electric 250

Phone 135

Cable/Internet 135

Personal Care 100

Tolls 125

Grocery 600

House 200

Gifts 100

Tithe 468

Savings 200

Credit Card Extra 600

Eating Out 200

Gas 500

Total 4497

Expected Income 580




Extra Income 400


 How is your budget looking this month?  How are you cutting back?

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C.R.P said...

I'm having a September Savings Challenge so my budget is pretty tight! $200/week to cover everything!

Lisa Richardson said...

Carla, you do amazing things with your budget! I am sure you will fall under budget!

Lena at Frugal and Thankful said...

Our budget is pretty tight for September too. We really cut back on Home Improvement, groceries and eating out this month.

kim said...

I will actually have an income this month, but we really incurred new debt this summer so I am going to really cut back to pay this off.

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Lena,
This month will be our challenge.... since we have been budgetless for so long ;)

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Kim
It is so hard to find areas to cut from in an already tight budget. Good Luck!

Evan@MyJourneytoMillions said...

I don't actually budget per se but rather just keep control of what is happening when in hindsight. Our food budget, in my opinion, is out of control, but whenever I bring it up to The Wife she almost gets defensive about it.