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Operation Christmas Child: What I Bought This Week

  I managed to pick up quite a few good deals for our Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes.
I put this collage together using Picassa, it is my first time using the application and I still need a little more time to get it down.  But here you go, here is the breakdown.

Dollar Tree:

12  pack of combs for 1.00 x 5    5.00
5 pack of toothbrushes for 1.00 x 5    5.00
4 pack of kid toothbrushes for 1.00 x 5    5.00
If you look closely you can see that these toothbrushes have covers for them.  So I can break the package and still use each one in a shoebox.
 3 pack of Dial soap  for 1.00 x 3    3.00

  8  pack of Pencils  36 x .25  9.00
  8 pack of pens   32 x .25      8.00
Plastic Pencil Boxes  25 x .25 6.25

Boys Jump ropes  11 x .50  5.50
Crayons    2 x .50  1.00 

Total for this week spent on Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes   $47.75

 I was sharing information on Facebook about Operation Christmas Child and a friend and her office is going to pack 25 shoe boxes!  That is awesome!!

There is a need for shoe boxes for boys.  Especially older boys from 10-14 yrs old.    I need your suggestions as to what to pack in those boxes...  All ideas are welcome!

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Rosanne said...

For the 10-14 years old boys - how about t-shirts, socks, journals, yo-yos, small football(nerf style), expandable washcloths(the ones that are shrink wrapped and 'grow' when they get wet), gum, cards, watches, bandanas.

DeAnn Spiros Payne said...

How neat! Did you start this or who is it organized through? It would be fun to get involved. For 10-14 year old boys you might try silly string, angry birds stuff, any joke related items like a whoopie cushion etc. 10 year old boys may be into magic? That's what I got of the top of my head. Great post! Let me know how I can get involved! I am over at

Lisa Richardson said...

Great Suggestions!! Thanks!!!