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Five Things Friday

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family.  Dinner went well and afterwards my husband and I watched a Godfather movie marathon until the wee hours of the morning.  We have seen the movies dozens of times but that did not stop us. 

Today it is time to get caught up on  things around the house, after a stop at the Thrift Store.  I don't need anything really, but I just want to get out and enjoy the day for a couple of hours.

So here is the breakdown for today:

1.  Hit the Thrift Stores, they usually have their own Black Friday Sales. 

2.  List at least 10 items on eBay today.  It will be vintage clothes that get listed today.. They are the  most time consuming but definitely the most profitable.

3.  Dinner will be easy, leftovers from yesterday.  then that will  be it for the leftovers.  

4.  Catch up on the wash.  Yesterday was a cook all morning and eat all afternoon day.  

5.  Work on my 2013 Goals.   

What is on your list today?

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1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

My list today was sewing & a nice big dinner! Both were accomplished! :) I totally forgot about Five Things Friday! lol!