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One More Day.....

 Just one more day until a 4 day weekend.  And I sure am looking forward to it.   There will be NO black Friday shopping for me!  I did that once about 7 years ago and it was such a negative experience that I pretty much swore I would never do that again.  Just not worth the hassle and all the pushing and shoving.  

The four days off will be time for me to get caught up on a few tasks around the house.  I have some bookwork to get caught up on for eBay.  Actually, I have a LOT of bookwork to get caught up on.  This is a priority for me.  I also have some yard work to tend to.  There are shrubs to move and trees to trim.  

Sunday we will are planning a visit to our son that lives about an hour and a half away.  He is currently in South Dakota on a hunting trip/vacation.  He will be home on the weekend.  All of my kids live in the same county as I do, in fact two of my kids live minutes away.  The one that lives over an hour away lives on a mini farm in the country. I love the drive to his house. 

It is almost that time to get our yearly goals together for next year!  What do you have in mind for your 2013 goals? 

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