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One Day At A Time

One of the most important things I need to remember is to take each day as it comes and try not to worry about what may or may not happen. My parents are both doing about the same. Dad has oxygen and a nebulizer to help with his breathing. Mom is focusing on taking care of him. I will be going over on Tuesday to sit with dad while mom goes to follow up appointment regarding her recent PET exam.

So for now we are back to our normal. Taking it one day at a time and enjoying each day the best way we can. And on that note, I enjoyed today by doing this................

Yes, I put my Christmas Tree up. This is the earliest that I have put my tree up, and it feels pretty good! It has definitely upped my holiday spirit!

Now to plan for Thanksgiving :-)

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I'm so jealous that your tree is up! I've been thinking about putting it up this week.