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Hello Saturday!

Good Morning to all and happy Saturday! Did you survive Valentine's Day?  Valentine's Day is a double whammy around here.  It is my husband's birthday too.  The stress of buying him a birthday present was avoided as he had picked out a highly desired hammer drill that was delivered last week.

We also went out for his birthday dinner last night at Carrabba's which was still experiencing a Valentine Day crowd.  The wait was about 30 minutes to get a table.  But as always, the wait was worth it.

My husband, (who is a kid a heart and still has to have birthday cake) always remembers to buy me flowers on Valentine's Day.  Yes, the price of the flowers are jacked up  because of the pseudo-holiday of Valentine's Day.  And for years I have asked for just a card instead of flowers because of the cost.  He never listens, bless his heart.

Here is what was awaiting both me an mom on Valentine's Day morning.....

 Two Lowe's bucket of roses and cards lol!

My mom was very surprised and very touched that my husband included her in the Valentine Day celebration.  Definite points were scored by hubs!

This weekend will be appliance shopping.  Since my mom is staying here a great majority of the time she washes her clothes here.  But she hates my washer and dryer.  They are OLD!  The dial on the washer spins and spins and you have to push it certain way to make it catch and start the cycle. It drives her crazy.  I am use to it.  She insists on the purchase, so we are going shopping today. 

Mom Update: Mom is feeling good but very tired which is completely normal considering her extensive surgery and weekend in ICU.  A visit with one of her MD Anderson team doctors told her it was okay to be so tired and to just rest and that when he sees her again in 4 weeks she should definitely be feeling better.

Budget:   Since I took of some time last pay period my paycheck is a bit weak this time.  I had hoped to eliminate the last 500.00 dollars on our credit card debt but it will have to wait until next pay period.  This credit card will always be active, as it has auto withdrawals for our toll road transponders,.  That usually runs about 120 to 150 dollars a month.  Payment is made at the time they post.  But I would rather use the credit card instead of my checking account.

Goal for this month:   I am working diligently on pulling all my paperwork together for our taxes and hope to get it done by the end of the month.  Fingers crossed. :)

Hope you have a great Saturday!


CentsToSave said...

Thanks Sluggy! We can always use another bucket around here :)

sluggy said...

Oh, I loved the Lowe's buckets touch......so manly!lolol

Glad to hear your mom is better. I can imagine how tired she feels tho, her body's been thru alot!
You'll have to let us all know when you knock out that last $500. That will be a sweet day.... 8-)