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Sunday Night Chit Chat

I wanted to share this collage for a family calendar.  My oldest son (the one in the pic with just his dad, and just me) struggles. We pray that he will find happiness but the family is fairly convinced he struggles with chemical imbalances.  He will not get the help he needs.  This has been an extraordinarily difficult weekend for him.  

Love Sunday Night Chit Chat.  Sometimes I can't think of anything interesting to post and this definitely helps.  Do you ever run out of things to post about?

  • Reading:  My coworkers have turned me on to books on tape (or CD) and I am on my second book already.   My first book was "Water for Elephants" which was truly awesome.  I am now "reading" Limitations.  Different, but still pretty good.
  • Listening to:  Pandora more specifically the Nora Jones station.  Easy listening.  Christmas music is gone for now.
  • Watching:  Not watching anything at the moment, but I will be watching Ax men later on tonight.
  • Cooking/Baking:  I have been doing better on cooking in general.  Tonight was baked chicken, yellow rice, and roasted carrots.  
  • Happy you accomplished this week:  I am happy that I can take mom to her chemo appointments and doctor appointments as well as work both part time jobs and list a few things on eBay.
  • Looking forward to next week:  Have a few less appointments to go to. Lol!
  • Thankful for today:  I am thankful that I have my family, and most especially my mom semi living with us.  It is a great opportunity to get to know her on a different level.  And hopefully, she will learn a few things about me that she did not know. :)

  • Bonus Question: Have you ever received a gift you were less than thrilled with? Did you feel like you had to keep/use it in order to spare feelings from getting hurt? 
Oh yes.  my husband ( a kid at heart and will never change)  feels it necessary to buy expensive gifts for my birthday and Christmas.  I have a lot of jewelry that I will never wear because I just don't care to. I have to word my requests very carefully lol!

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