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Saturday's Short List

Here is your St Pat Cupcake Recipe! 

This week just flew by for us!  Our Stay-cation is just about over and I can see Monday looming in the future. We did enjoy our time off and for the most part it was semi-productive.  I did get a few things done with eBay.   I have been having some good luck with a bag if Vintage Maps I purchased at the Thrift Store.

  A room that needed to get painted finally got a new coat of paint.  We had an extra can of paint left over from one of the other bedrooms and we used it on that room.  New curtains for the window and I repainted a shelf to go back in the room.  I used candy apple red ...... it might be a bit bright for that room but we will see.

The weather has been awesome this last week, the sun has been shining and the humidity has been low.  Absolutely gorgeous.  We mowed, edged and fertilized and are now officially ready for summer to arrive.

Mom Update:   We only had to see one of mom's docs last week.  This doctor is her infection disease doctor.  She was pleased with mom's weekly blood results and said that mom's PICC line can be pulled this coming Friday which means no more daily antibiotic  infusions for mom!  That is great news!

Next week we will see her team of doctors at MD Anderson over the course of two days.  At this time we should find out how her tumor markers are doing in her blood work, when her staples and stitches can be removed from her scalp, and when she will be able to start her radiation treatments to her scalp.  Yes, next week will be busy!!!

Budget Update:   The refrigerator has been delivered successfully.  Now to pay the bill. BOO!!
Our budget will take a hit on this but we used our Lowe's card to get an extra 5% off the purchase price.  So, we will pull the money out of savings and pay that sucker off.  What about our credit card debt you ask?  It is still hovering around 350.00 to 400.00 dollars.  I know..... I need to get rid of it.  By the end of the month it should be gone.  I am thinking about using a "rewards" card that gives cash back instead of our Marriott rewards card.  Just for emergencies.... lol.

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Have a great Saturday!!


Lisa Richardson said...

Things are moving along well for your mom - you must be thrilled! I've just started my March break and don't have a lot planned. Looking forward to lots of hiking and forgetting about living on a "schedule" for a week. I likely won't get as much accomplished as you did!

Lisa Richardson said...

enjoy your break Jane! It was nice being able to sleep in most days :)