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Dollar General Shopping Trip


Even after my excessive grocery spending last month, I still needed to pick up a few necessary items. I decided to go to Dollar General because the stores are small and have what I need AND I don't become overwhelmed and distracted. I can focus on my list and get in and get out. When I go to Publix, I confess I do become distracted with the prettiness of the store and I will buy things I think I cannot live without.

Here is what I spent:

Pyrex detergent pods: $3.50 for a bag of 24

8 pack of coke: $3.75 I take these for lunch

Dial soap: $3.25 for a pack of 6

Conditioner: $3.00 the vinegar rinse was not working for me

Car deodorant: $2.50 for a pack of three ( not on my list )

Noodles: $1.25 last nights beef stroganoff

Coloring books: $1.00 for 2. They were half price and my grandson will enjoy them

Total spent: $20.00

Not bad, but I am hoping for a no spend day today!





Lisa Richardson said...

I think the vinegar rinse only works when you have greasy hair. Otherwise, it dries up too much.

Lisa Richardson said...

I was on my way to a no spend day today until I drove by the doughnut shop this morning. Now, I'm hoping for a $3.25 spent day!

Lisa Richardson said...

Lol, Hope it was delicious! Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself :)

Lisa Richardson said...

Surprisingly, the vinegar was a great de-tangler. It was just the odor of vinegar in my hair that I did not like.

Lisa Richardson said...

I'm trying to have a no spend day tomorrow too.
Sft x

Lisa Richardson said...

my no spend day did not work out! had to get bread on the way home. but, I ONLY bought the bread and that is a plus!