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Operation Christmas Child Update: April 2013


Dollar General has great markdowns on seasonal merchandise. When I go to Dollar General I always check out their mark down tables. Yesterday, there were some St. Patricks's day items marked down to 70% off. So each item or package would only have been 30 cents. Not a bad deal especially for the plastic bracelets which come 6 to a pack. The pretty green flower lei come two to a pack. The children that receive these items are not really concerned with what the items are supposed to be used for but what they can do with them.

The bracelets would look cute on any child's wrist, boy or girl. The flower lei would definitely look bright and festive around the neck of a child and would definitely put a smile on their face.


When I took the items to the register, the cashier said all of the St. Patrick's Day items are now %90 OFF. Such a deal!! For $1.97 I was able to get 12 packs of the bracelets and 9 packs of the lei's. God is making a way for us to fill those boxes on a budget!


Will you be participating in Operation Christmas Child this year?



Lisa Richardson said...

What a great deal! When you shop all year round, you're ready to pounce on these kinds of things. Good planning.

Lisa Richardson said...

Excellent savings - you can't do any better than that!! My class does an Advent project every Christmas - last year we put together two big boxes of mittens, hats and gloves for the local missions to give out to the needy. Always gives us the best feeling to help out at that time of year!

Lisa Richardson said...

My mum and sister do lots of boxes each year! Mum knits through the year and collects bits and bobs for the boxes.

Sft x