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Joining The Great Food Fight 2013

The reality of our food budget was not by real. On paper, the food budget was "wonderful"! The numbers were looking good but that is because it was only on paper. Well, I decided to get REAL about our food budget and face the music. My inspiration is from Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and her Great Food Fight. She and her husband are keeping track of their grocery and eating out spending on a piece of notebook paper tacked on the refrigerator door. You can see an example here.
Here is our notebook paper of shame.... Seriously! I am hanging my head in pure shame and disgust. But, that being said, I am determined to do better for the month of April. After you see the totals that we have for eating out and grocery shopping you can see we have a lot of room for improvement!!
Eating out and grocery shopping has cost us $1166.00 for the month of March. Definitely room for improvement. Our grocery budget included the cost of celebrating my deceased dads birthday ( which made my mom happy) and we did have my mom staying with us so we were buying for her grocery needs too. Somewhat lame excuses, but it is all I got.
We can do better this month by planning a weekly shopping trip instead of every couple of days. Utilize Aldi's more and Publix less.
How are your grocery costs? Are you staying within your budget?


Lisa Richardson said...

So funny, I was thinking last week about joining Crystal's challenge, I really like it :) Good luck with this Food Fight and keep us posted!

Lisa Richardson said...

I love this idea--good luck! I'm pretty good with my grocery bill, but I need to work on not letting so much stuff spoil :(

Lisa Richardson said...

March's food bill was pretty low considering. I'm hoping to go even lower in April trying to get as many sales as I can. I keep track of all of my expenditures on spendingdiary.com. It can be eye opening, for sure!!