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Getting It Done Wednesday

 Today, I will be sitting on the porch and enjoying the day. 

 Mom went home yesterday to live at her house and get back on her own.  We first went to MD Anderson to get her chemo treatment and then stopped by Publix to pick up a few groceries for her.  She was anxious to get home and sleep in her own bed.  Today she will be driving herself to a doctor's appointment and tomorrow she will go and get her taxes done.  We are so proud of her for fighting so hard to get back to her normal!

 Yesterday I worked all afternoon on organizing our taxes.  Definitely a brain drain.  I finally pulled together the eBay and rental info and I think it will all be good.  Just a few last minute things to double check and I will turn them in tomorrow.  Such a relief!

I did call in sick today.  I have been feeling so overwhelmed with taking care of mom and her appointments AND getting the taxes together.  I needed to have the house to myself and catch up on my sleep.  I hated to call in today, but after catching up on much needed sleep this morning I am glad I did.    Sometimes I have to remember to take care of myself or I will crash and burn.

Today List of Things to Do:
  • Go to Publix to get a few BOGO deals.  Oscar Mayer hot dogs are my grandson's favorite.
Later this afternoon, I will grab my grandson and bring him over. He definitely makes my heart smile.

Have a great Wednesday!


Lisa Richardson said...

Have fun with your grandson and your much needed day of rest.

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks :)

Lisa Richardson said...

I agree. Sometimes you just need to take a day. Sounds like you've been busy! Glad your Mom is on the mend!!

Lisa Richardson said...

Wow, I am really amazed at your mom's progress! She has really struggled to become independent again - what a trooper! Hope you get your list accomplished!