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Bright House Sucks!

Earlier this week I "upgraded" my BrightHouse Cable subscription.  I needed to add a phone line for my mom's life alert and since Bell South does not serve this area I had to go with BrightHouse.  The "upgrade" included whole house DVR, phone line and faster internet @ 30mbps.   The price was an monthly increase of $8.00, which I thought was pretty good considering we are now going to have a phone line to connect mom's Life Alert.

Since the change, I have had the WORST time with my internet speed.  It is now only 8 to 11 mbps and it is driving me crazy.  I just spent an hour on the phone with Brighthouse/Roadrunner going through different steps and connections to figure out why my internet speed is now so crappy.  I have unhooked my modem, router, and re hooked them.  I really want to throw them right out the window!!!

After all the connections and re-connections.... It has been determined that the new modem has caused my Norton Firewall to set a higher firewall protection.  Great.  I have already emailed Norton to ask how to change my Firewall settings to get my internet speed back.   An who is to say that the Firewall is REALLY the problem.  Honestly!   I don't know if I am more mad at Brighthouse for not figuring this out when they installed it OR if I am more mad that I rely SO much on my internet!!    Probably both.

I just want my internet speed back please.  Slow sucks.

Mom Update: The rest of the week was pretty good.  Mom is planning on going back to her home on Tuesday for a couple of days.  On Thursday, she drove her self to her hair appointment.  I think that was a major hurdle for her.  We are proud of her progress!  She has not really said what her living plans are going to be but we think she will stay at her house a couple of days and then come out here with us.  Which is fine with us.

Budget Update:  This week I  started my  auto withdrawal from my paycheck to my Roth IRA.  I am starting out with 50.00 per check even though I thought originally I could handle more.  Maybe in the near future I will adjust the amount.  There have been no big payments made on the credit card.  Our last paychecks were smaller than usual due to a week off earlier this month.  the upcoming checks should be normal deposits and then we will see where we stand.  I tell ya, that darn credit card is still hanging around.  And yes, I know I really need to get rid of it!

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Lisa Richardson said...

I'm glad your Mom is doing better! And sorry about the issues with the Internet. No fun :(

Lisa Richardson said...

Glad your Mum is managing to get out and about - this must be nice for her.
Slow Internet speed is so annoying, I hope you get it sorted out!

Lisa Richardson said...

For all intent and purposes, the firewall should have little to do with your internet speed. It doesn't regulate how fast things get in and out, just what sort of things get in and out. So Norton wont be able to help you much (if they reply at all besides some cookie cutter answer). If all you're using your internet is for light/general usage (web surfing, video streaming, music streaming), the firewall wouldn't have much to do with it. It's most likely the router or their configuration. It usually is their configuration, but unless you know exactly which part of it, they'll never agree to it. Have them reset your signal (on their side, not re-resetting the router) or change the channel of the frequency. Is this a wired or wireless connection? Sorry. The troubleshooter in me kind of took over. Hope they can figure it out. If not, ask for a new router.

Lisa Richardson said...

Interesting comment about how you didn't know if you were more upset with the new company or how much you depend on the internet. It made me stop and think because I certainly get upset if my internet gets messed up. Good luck with that.

Glad to hear that your mother is driving. That is a good step.

Lisa Richardson said...

Yes, mom has come a long way. And I still have to reserve about an hour of my day to call Brighthouse again to get resolution... boo!

Lisa Richardson said...

Tanner, I read your response two days ago and you gave me such hope! I will follow up on your suggestions too. Thank you Thank you!!

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks Laura! We are very proud of mom!

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Lena, Thanks we are thrilled with mom's progress!