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Getting Back To A "New" Normal

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support on the loss of my mom. Each comment of support
meant so much to me. The viewing and funeral were this past weekend and although emotionally draining, I feel a great sense of relief and a small amount of closure. Time to embrace each day and move forward.

Before mom became really sick, I decided to close my eBay store. Between work and taking care of mom, I was completely overwhelmed with taking care of my eBay store. Little did I know that when I closed my eBay store, eBay would keep it open for another 30 days. I did not have the time or energy to delete each item so there were the occasional sale here and there. I quickly emailed the customer and briefly explained my situation with a prompt refund. I was so overwhelmed with taking care of mom I just did not have time to do any eBay stuff.

In fact, when I decided to close my store, I "purged" a large amount of my eBay stock via large construction trash bags to the curb. I guess I felt it necessary to do so as it was a form of something I could control in my life. At that time, there was not much else I could control.

The store did close, BUT the remaining listings remained active. Again, there were some unexpected sales this weekend, and again I had to email the customers and provide a refund and brief explanation. Several of my customers wrote back and said that they too had gone through a similar situation and that they completely understood.

I will be getting back to thrifting in the near future. It will be a slow return, but thrifting and re-selling gives me a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure. Oh, There is the stuff in my mom's home. So much stuff! I will be selling that on Craigslist and or eBay. Of course there will be items that I cannot part with, but for the most part, I will be selling or giving away a great majority of it.

Tomorrow I will be going back to work at my mobile ultrasound job.  It has been almost three weeks since I have actually worked so it will be nice to get back to it.  Since I am a part time employee, I have no PTO saved.  This means no paycheck for three weeks either. 

There are many decisions to make regarding my parent's estate.  One of the things they left me to take care of is their paid off home.  It is an older home but has always been kept up and is in great condition.   Should we sell it?  Should we keep it and rent it?   And if we did that, we could use the rental income to pay off early our "other" rental.....  I don't know.  We definitely need to get professional advice so we don't screw ourselves financially. No rush on that.  Suggestions on the house are welcome, leave them in the comments :)

We will be able to pay off our primary home with the funds available in my parent's estate.  That will definitely be a huge financial relief.  When that occurs, I will be resigning my other part time job at the local college. I want to  spend more time with my husband and family.  We also want to work on our physical health by working out and eating better.

We were talking the other night and we figured that since we moved into our new home 2 years ago, we have spent the last 18 MONTHS of those two years taking care of my parents.  We are both looking forward to re-connecting with each other, serving in our church and not taking for granted each precious day that God gives us.

We also need to get our financial life in order.  Starting with meal planning, paying off a credit card (we used for funeral costs) and communicating better with EACH other about money in general.   This will not happen over night, but it is an area we need to work on.  More about that later, of course.

That is it for now.  Hope your day is wonderful!


Lisa Richardson said...

Give yourself some time to grieve before you make any decisions about the house. Take some time for yourself and god bless you for your faithfulness to your mom.

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks Kim. Good Advice. :)