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Back to Work

Lake Minneola at Dusk
This week, I returned back to work.  It is nice to get back into a comfortable routine again.  In fact, I had a sale on eBay today, and I did NOT feel the need to refund the purchase due to being overwhelmed with the passing of my mom.  For today, things are going pretty darn good.

There is still a lot to do with mom's home and belongings.  Not to mention her bank accounts and retirement accounts.  I am definitely NOT ready to do anything with those yet.  I think that will make it all too final for me.  So I will push that back for now. 

I have stopped service of her home phone.  My parents have had that  same phone number since 1970.  Even after I had it disconnected, I still called it.  So weird to "hear" that this number is no longer in service. Weird and sad.  Cable service was stopped today too.  BrightHouse will be sending me a mailing label to send back the modem at my mom's house.  We will be keeping the power and water turned on.  Also, we will be keeping the yard service going.  It is very reasonable and they do a great job.

Still taking  it one day at a time.  But definitely trying to make the best of each and every day.  Here is more on the mug that sold today.


Lisa Richardson said...

Hugs to you, Lisa! Stay strong, my friend!

Lisa Richardson said...

There's no way through it except through it. Wise words that someone told me once. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Even though we thought we had things under control, there is still so much to do with the passing of my father. BTW, glad to see you back online.