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10 Minute Post August 21,2013

It is late Wednesday evening and I am watching Top Chef Masters.  Definitely a busy day at work today.  Wednesdays, I go to Celebration, Florida to work and scan at a OB/Gyn office in downtown Celebration.  I get to drive an hour to work to pick up the van with the ultrasound machine and then I get to drive another hour to Celebration.  Yes, Wednesday's are long!

The morning schedule was light, but the afternoon schedule was packed.  The day was topped off by 30 week twins.   When a single baby is 30 weeks in utero, it is hard enough to get great pictures and measurements.  But, put TWO babies in there and it is almost impossible.  By the end of the day my wrist was screaming!

Tomorrow is another day of errands.  I am taking our dogs ( Princess and Cricket) to the vet for a check-up.  It has been too long since they have been to the vet.

There will also be  packing of eBay items that have sold today.  I sold my first Microwave turntable replacement.  Who Knew????   It should be interesting to see how I am going to pack that sucker.  I will figure it out.  Maybe an unused pizza box will do the trick.

Lots to do tomorrow!    

And my 10 minutes is up!

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