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Keeping Track of The Cash

Shopping, shopping, shopping! Probably one of my least favorite activities especially when it is grocery shopping. Today was three stop shopping.

Walmart was first on the list. We needed personal care items, mouthwash, soap, oil of Olay, pressed powder, toothpaste, etc. And... We needed beer. I love Lime-a-Rita beer by Budweiser. Have you tried it? It's really quite tasty. Wal-Mart does have the best everyday prices on the items I both today.

$66.00 spent at Wal-Mart

Next on the list is Walgreens. They had toilet paper on sale and I have never tried the magic eraser so I picked up one of those too. I also used some of my Walgreen points which reduced my purchase by $3.00.

Total spent at Walgreens $9.00

Now on to Winn Dixie. They had orange juice, peanut butter and jelly on sale. The peanut butter and jelly ( three of each) are going to the church food pantry. For all six we only spent $10.00.

The orange juice was 2/5.00 and the little Debbie's were 2/3.00.
Total spent $11.00

Total spent today $96.00

Out of the $400.00 cash I took out Saturday I have $200.00 left. This includes the 96.00 I spent Sunday on groceries, bowling and the thrift store.

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Lisa Richardson said...

I'm not a fan of shopping either for sure, but I do something similar and look for the cheapest prices around several stores. I have also downloaded the apps to certain grocery stores so that I can easily compare prices which makes it a little easier to shop at times.