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Grocery Shopping: Update

 Tuesday I went to Aldi's and picked up a lot of produce.  We have been eating salads ( Big salads!) almost every night.   Typically I will buy 3-4 bags of the romaine lettuce, red, yellow and green peppers, cukes, tomatoes.etc.  We have a protein with our salad, usually grilled chicken, grilled shrimp or just sliced sandwich meat (ham or turkey).  

 I also always add kidney beans to our salad.    Another thing I will get at Aldi's is coffee creamer.  This time I picked up two bottles.   And a couple of bags of delicious apples for our lunches and after dinner snacks.

I also went to Winn Dixie to get a few things before the ad changed yesterday.  I guess I should have taken a picture of it because now I don't really remember what I bought.

Here are the totals:
 Aldi:             34.00
CVS              10.00

 Winn Dixie:   19.00
  Total           63.00

  $53.00 For Groceries 9/3
  $49.00 For Groceries 9/2

  $10.00  For Groceries 9/5  (CVS Tuna)
  $31.50 for non-perishable/OTC drugs
  $10.40 Church Pantry
  $153.90 TOTAL

My goal is to keep my GROCERY shopping below $600.00 for September as part of my low/no spend challenge.  Only 25 more days left! :)

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Lisa Richardson said...

Your salads sound delicious, hearty and healthy.

Lisa Richardson said...

We are really enjoying the salads. Filling, and satisfying. And it makes dinner planning a breeze.