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September No-Low Spend Challenge: Week 2

Two weeks into Carla's Low spend challenge and here is the damage so far.


Eating out: $94.00

Groceries: $ 233.00

My goal is to keep our groceries under $600.00 this month. I know, $600.00 is a lot for two adults and four dogs. But it is what it is. If I can stay under 600.00 dollars this month, then maybe I can get it even lower next month :-)


When I was keeping track of our grocery shopping earlier this year it was definitely a real eye opener! Our spending was out of control!

How are you doing with your grocery budget?



Lisa Richardson said...

I am really wanting to keep our grocery bill under $400 for two adults and a dog but I don't think I will be able to do it. This was a good week for grocery spending which means next week I'll need to spend more!

Lisa Richardson said...

I thing you are doing an important step in reducing your food spending cost--keeping track of it so you can see exactly where your food money goes. And remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Lisa Richardson said...

It is a amazing just how much we spend at the grocery store! Good luck on your grocery spending next week.