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I Ain't Gonna Lie........

But after the credit union incident, my feelings WERE hurt that my mom  may have decided to spread her savings around to me AND my kids.  I know, I know.... So Very selfish.    Yesterday the mail brought with it four letter from the Credit Union.  One for me and each of my kids.  The letters do not provide any financial details only that we EACH need to go and update our account. 

I mistakenly "planned" to use the Credit Union money for me.  Not all of it, I was going to gift each of the kids because mom would have wanted it that way.  Now it appears she has taken care of that for me.   If it is not obvious, I do have a selfish side.( Maybe it is an only child syndrome)  Evidently mom was aware of that.  She had the foresight to take care of me AND my kids.    Whatever is my portion, I am grateful for.  And I will adjust and get by just fine.   Okay.... it may take me some time. 

My husband and I did talk a bit last night about attending Financial Peace University.  He is open to it, so I will be looking for convenient classes for us to attend.   Fingers crossed! 

 Have a great Saturday!   Time to get busy around here!

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Lisa Richardson said...

When money and family are involved, emotions always run high. It's good that you are able to step back and look at things rationally even though it is very hard.

Lisa Richardson said...

Darlin' keep a couple of things in mind. Your mom did what she did with the intention of doing a good thing. Your situation would be so much worse if there was no will. People/families can be split up something terrible over will. I say that because I was intentionally cut out of a few estates. Your mother did what she did thinking she was doing the best thing, There is a lot to keep in mind when you sit down with an attorney -- who is not privy to family strife, etc. The attorney probably had a hand in things, etc. Your mom was trying to do a good thing and she did a good thing. Don't be hurt. Planning an estate is a terribly black and white thing with very little wiggle room. She probably had to think about being fair, compassionate, etc. I'm guessing that she loved all of you and wanted to find a way to keep each one from feeling completely left out.

She could probably not planned her will around any misfortune you are experiencing right now. My suggestion is you look for the best in all of this. She had a will and she did think of you.

xxoo, AlexM