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Wrapping It Up Sunday

Busy, busy, busy. At least for half the day! Church, Sunday school, lunch at Chipotle's and then a trip to BJ's wholesale club. About two weeks ago I received in the mail a postcard for two months of free membership. I had a card but let it lapse. I kept the card because it has a decent picture of me. :-)

I did decide to renew my membership for.$40.00. The deal they were offering gave me an extra two months on my membership AND a $50,00 gift card from restaurant.com. Do you have any experience with Restaurant.com gift cards? I don't. I was wondering are they easily accepted at the restaurants listed on their website....
My primary reason for going to BJ's was to get yeast in bulk. I have been baking bread and I needed to stock up on the yeast. If you have not tried it, you should. I have been using a recipe that Carla put on her blog. It uses a bread maker to mix it up. Very easy indeed. I bought a bread machine from the Thrift Store AND I had to use a recipe from West Bend for a 1 & 1/2lb loaf of bread because a recipe for 2 lb dough would overflow in my bread maker. 

The afternoon was rather unproductive. I did not do a whole lot. It was overcast and a good day to watch a couple of movies. I should have been doing laundry then I would not have to stay up and get it done now.

This week is also pretty busy. I have to go to Bank of America and get them to fax my paperwork for the HARP refinance. There are eBay packages to mail and I need to pass by the Credit Union to see what is what with mom's estate. I am doing better ( acceptance and moving forward) with the whole thing. No more whining. At least no more whining about THAT in particular.
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Lisa Richardson said...

I never thought about looking for bulk yeast at a place like BJs (or Sams, of which I am a member). I go through the grocery store packets so quickly. Thanks for the great idea! In your other post you mentioned Financial peace University. I think that is a great idea for you. You have been given a great gift with your Mom's inheritance. In some ways it will give you freedom you likely never had before. Now you just need to take steps to make sure you can manage that money as best as you can.
-Denise @ http://www.myhousemyrules.com

Lisa Richardson said...

Good luck with all of your financial chores for this week.