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Back Pay

I have made an addition to my Emergency Fund of $400.00. New total is $3363.00 This is the result of back pay from an annual review at work. Okay, the total amout was $550.00 and do I know exactly where the rest went? Not really. Well if you read back a few days you will see that I had a weekend of grocery shopping that got a little out of hand, so part of it went to cover that. We will just leave it at that. What else? I have been doing really well with my discretionary spending at work. I have not been to the 7-11 for snacks or soda for two weeks. Yoo Hoo. I am keeping track of what I am not spending and at the end of the month I will sweep it into the Emergency Fund. I am still working with YNAB (you need a budget) and I think I have got the bugs worked out of it so it is working smoothly for me. As my interest in managing my finances has increased I have been sharing what I have learned with co-workers at my job. The younger girls surprise me. The lack of financial knowledge that is displayed is scary. I hope that by talking about different areas of finance, that they will become interested enough to develop their own financial roadmaps.


lndsymaria said...

That's great that you can share with your co-workers. I tried a little at first but they got REALLY defensive and I just dropped it. Besides, I dont let anyone know that I have a PF Blog anyway.

Lisa said...

No one at work or at home knows about this blog either, and I like it that way.