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The sun was out today and I was able to use the clothesline!!! Yeah! It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Managed to get two loads up and dry after work today. Will finish more this weekend.

I am still keeping track of non-spending. Tomorow will make for 4 mornings that I have NOT taken the toll road into work, a savings of 75 cents perday and by still avoiding the 7-11 next door, an additional savings of $20.00. Grand total to Emigrant will be $23.00. I also have an autowithdrawl for $25.00 every pay period, AND I have BOA and I use the "Keep The Change" program. Every month I transfer the accumulated "change" into my Emigrant(emergency fund) account.


lndsymaria said...

That's fantastic! One thing I do is transfer the money as often as possible instead of just monthly. That way it cant be available to spend!

GolbGuru said...

You are on a roll ! Keep it up.

Dimes said...

Congratulations, especially on avoiding the 7-11! It's amazing how that little stuff adds up. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the encouragement! I appreciate it!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the encouragement! I appreciate it!!