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Organizing the Money

Well, it has been established earlier that I am an impulse shopper. Does that every change? No, it can be suppressed and hidden, but It never changes. At least not for me. The latest impulse is the purchase of Quicken for personal finances. Why? It looked cool. I know, not a good reason at all. I installed it and have been trying to get all the stuff I need to track uploaded to the program. For whatever reason, this is not so easy.

I currently and have for a while used YODLEE for keeping track of my financial stuff. Right now, and this is the early stages of using Quicken, I have found that YODLEE is a lot easier. Do I just like to make my life more complicated with "stuff"?

I don't know, becoming financial savy is a lot of work. But no one said it would be easy.

Is it easy for you?

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