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40 Days Unto My Vacation!!

Yes, I am counting down the days to my vacation. In October, I will be going to Las Vegas!!
It is a week of fun with my girlfriends from work. We have planned the major parts of our itinerary, and will be seeing a couple of the bigger shows!

I have been to Las Vegas before, but I went the economy route. This time, not so much. We are booked to see Celine Dion, the Cirque De Soile show "O" AND we are also taking a jet helicopter from Las Vegas INTO the Grand Canyon, have lunch and Fly back to Las Vegas.

All of the above is payed for already, I just have to move some money around to cover spending expenses and gambling expenses. I know, I should save the money, but you know I just want to go and have fun.

So there it is,,, I am off to Las Vegas in 40 days and I am going to have a blast!!

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