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Monthly Obligations

Thought I would list my monthly obligations.Why? Probably to keep me more on track.
Yes, I know there are places that I can cut back...... I know.
(well I have cancelled the 48.00 YMCA membership and the 40.00 tanning salon monthly fee)

Tithe: 426.00
AOL: 27.00
Cable: 125.00
Elec: 237.00
Cell: 188.00
Ins: 180.00
Phne: 42.00
Tolls 40.00
Util: 18.00
Gas: 80.00
Prof.Dues 16.00
Tags 5.00
Repair 25.00
Newspaper 20.00
Groc Game 7.00

Emigrant 70.00
Save Acct 25.00

Clothes 75.00
Entertain 45.00
Hair 45.00
Nails 50.00
Wax 16.00
All About Me 40.00
Vacation 45.00

Groc 300.00
Non Groc 50.00
Eat Out 100.00

Total: 2347.00

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