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Checkbook update

I finally have access to my online banking and I feel as if I am in control of my money again. I am not one to keep a checkbook register. Most of my transactions are electronic or debit. Bills are paid online through my bank. The only checks I will write is to my church. Oh yes, and to my hairdresser.

So I am feeling better about my money. I am still going to have to figure out my monthly bill total. It will change with what goes out and what is coming in. Since my daughter and her husband moved out I will not be getting the rent money at the end of every month. On the other hand, I will be spending less on groceries since it is just for the two of us.

The bills will change as well. I will now have to pay for cable and internet access... about 116 dollars a month as opposed to the 34 dollars I was paying. My son in law works for the local cable company and cheap cable was a perk! To compensate, the electric bill will go down. As will the water.... So it should all even itself out.
Today is a low humidity day with a pleasant breeze, so I have started to hang out clothes again. This should help as well.

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