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A Busy Time of Year

The holidays are an exceptionally busy time of year for all of us. Our family has been celebrating family birthdays, Christmas Shopping, and preparing for our church cantata. We are performing the cantata this morning and I am excited to see the response from the members of the church. The cantata is called "Start at the Manger" and is a beautiful piece of music.

Last night was the final dress rehearsal and all that could go wrong, did. The sound system crackled, the narrator did not show up, there was a small amount of bickering about the use of the "voices" during several of the songs.

This being said, I think the actual presentation will go off without a hitch. We worked through the bugs last night and settled all of the disputes.

I have been shopping the deals at CVS and Walgreen's but have not had time to post them. I admire those that do have the time to keep up with posting about their finds at the stores and share them with others. It does help to see the visuals!!

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LAVA said...

Hey Lisa I was trying to get your email address to send you the Moola referral but can't find one.

Email me at Lulugal at HowISaveMoney dot net and I will send you the Moola invite.