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My Day at Disney World

Today was our planned excursion to Disney World. We were given park hopper passes last year and had to use them before the 14th of December this year. The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm and sunny with very little humidity. As we were driving and making our way to the main gate of Disney, we look above and see the Goodyear Blimp. Hmmmm..... Why would the Goodyear blimp be hovering over Disney? ( This should have been a big clue )
We were parked in Daffy Duck and made our way to the Monorail via the trams that carry you from the parking lot. ( I have secretly always wanted to drive the trams ). We enter the Magic Kingdom to find a parade in progress. Great, I love a parade!! It was not just any parade, it was Regis and Kelly taping the "Christmas Day" parade!!!
Oh Lord! Everyone and their brother was there! Little girls dressed as princesses, girl scout troops with their Santa caps on. And STROLLERS were EVERYWHERE!!! I have never seen so many strollers!!
Needless to say it was quite busy in the park. We somehow managed to ride "Thunder mountain" and then were able to navigate our way to a hot dog stand. Hot dogs were 4.25. For a mere 7.00 dollars, you could and a coke and chips for an economically priced combo meal. Woo Hoo!
We then used the fast pass for Splash Mountain, which by the way you will definitely get wet!
After wards we went back to tomorrowland to ride "Space Mountain" but the Fast Pass was available for 7pm. The regular line to wait was 70 minutes. Not going to happen. We were going to "hop" over to animal kingdom, but to tell you the truth the crowds just about did us in. We were not up for anymore of the theme parks. We found our way back to Daffy Duck parking and called it a day.

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