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Lasagne Gardening

Last year I followed Paula at Saving Money 101 while she experiemented with Lasagne Gardening.  I thought I would give it a try this year.   So I selected a spot that gets lots of sun and has easy access. I have a thing for  gazing balls or yard globes.... but that is another post. : )

Here is my first layer of the lasagne garden.  Cardboard.  I have lots of boxes. I wet the first layer...and each additional layer that followed

Then a layer of oak leaves, compost and on top of that newspaper....
Then, topsoil, compost mixed up and the addition of the plants.  This year I am growing one regular tomato plant, two cherry tomato plants, two zuchinni plants and one yellow squash plant. 
Cost for plants: three tomato plants: 3.50 each, the zuchinni and yellow squash plants were .97 cents each. Three bags of manure, and three bags of topsoil was 7.50 dollars.

So, for about 20 dollars I have my first lasagne garden.

1 comment:

EJ said...

I love your turquoise gazing ball! I've seen gazing balls used as a centerpiece for garden spinner. I think they're positively dazzling!