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April Update

Debt update for April.   When you actually put the financial numbers in writing for all to see, it puts things into perspective.  You can actually see how LITTLE progress is being made!  When you do not put things in writing you can delude yourself and "think" you are doing everyting to lower your debt.

Mortgage :  106,021.80
Previous:     106,385.00

Spouse's CC shows an increase, there were some home repairs done, he charged the items and I have not yet transferred the money to his accout to cover them.  The balance should be going down next month
Spouse CC : 11,056.00 April
Spouse CC:  10,944.00 March

My first CC  did show a decrease, but really I could do better.  At this rate I will be in debt FOREVER!
CC#1 :  1121.68 April
CC#1:   1563.00 March

This CC is my Marriot Rewards card.  I charge everything on this and send payments daily from my bank account.  I round up the amount so I am always paying ahead.  This CC balance will be increasing soon..... Tuition for my last two classes. 
CC #2:  1494.00
CC #2:  1563.00

Not much going on here.  Sucks!
Emergency Fund:  557.00
Emergency Fund:  553.00

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