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Walgreens Again

I have to confess... I think I have visited just about every Walgreens in my county. Yesterday, on the way home from work, I stopped at FIVE Walgreens!! FIVE Walgreens!!!  Yes... I have succumbed to the allure of  Rolling Register Rewards over and over again.  I have acquired 4 bottles of Dove Shampoo, 4 bottles of Dove Conditioner, 2 Dove Hair Sprays.... 4 maybe 5 dental flosses.. 4 Walgreens vitamins... 2 Nasal Rinse thingys.... 1 Laxative.... is that it?? I think so..Oh.... I did get some bleach that was on sale with Walgreeen's coupons when  I use the 1.50 Dove coupons.

Yeah... I am AGAIN addicted to coupon.. register rewards...ECBs.... Oh My!!! 

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