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Recap on Yesterday

Monday was a very busy day.  It was my day to work half day which is okay because I had a couple of things to get done i the morning.  First, I had an 8:30 appointment for my physical.  Okay... when I get there I am thinking it is just a regular physical... you know... take a deep breath while the stethascope makes its rounds.  Not so much.   Ladies... it was the appointment you know we all enjoy sooooo much.  It involves stirrups.... and it ain't horseback riding either.

Okay... so after the shock of what kind of appointment it was, I did survive.  My blood results were great... and my BP was great... my weight increased.... gotta work on that.

So. I pay 40 bucks for the appointment, with my FSA card.  I also was given a Rx for weight control pills.. that was 33.00 dollars on my FSA card too.

Later that morning, I went to get my hair cut, 37 dollars.  I love my stylist... and will not be giving that up any time soon.  Too bad I can't put that on my FSA card!  haha!

So, more spending.  I went to Walgreen's, picked up som detergent, Tide for 5.99... and some hair product for 9.00 dollars.  Lunch.... well that was another 6 bucks... and let's not forget dinner... 12.00 dollars. 

So... good golly... I did spend a lot.

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