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Post, Post, Christmas Shopping.

I figure if I confess to all of the bloggers, I can wipe the slate clean. I have been to CVS twice today. Once before work ( 6 AM) and once at Lunch ( 12 noon). I am still picking up a few "deals" when it comes to Christmas Shopping. Some are presents for next year and some are decorations.

I also picked up a few things for my daughter, ( she recently moved into her own place). Where will she put it, I say shove it under the bed!!

I have used all of my ECB'S, so cash out of pocket is not so bad. I am so hopping the "urge" to get more stuff will pass me by. I know it will be there next year. Duh! But that is not helping this urge today. In case you wanted to know.... Actual amount spent is 75.00 dollars. ECB's used is 40.00 dollars. Actual amount that I would have paid if items not on sale would be approx 475.00 dollars. This amount also includes a small shopping spree at Target, also 75 percent off.

I now have 12 Christmas Chili bowls, 38 cents each. 12 Christmas Salad plates, 38 cents each. One large serving bowl, 3 large oval serving platters, 1.50 dollar each. And they are so cute!!! I am now ready for our Christmas Eve dinner of Chili and cornbread 2008. Sigh......

ADDENDUM DECEMBER 2011:    I never once used the Christmas dishes.  They stayed in my cupboards until last May.  I offered them to a friend, but she did not want them.  Off to the Salvation Army they went.  

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