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Grocery Budget Update for April

Here we go... True Confessions! I went to the Grocery Store (Publix) on Sunday. I started out pretty good. I had the flyer coupon for "Buy 3 coke 12 paks, get one free" . I thought, Well I am off to a good start, I had a coupon. Yea! After that, it was downhill. Woosh!!!! I accumulated a whole grocery cart of stuff ( No List, bad, very bad!) that in the end, totaled 121.00. How did that happen?

Easy. Poor planning. No List. And No Coupons.

Beginning Bal 150.00
Publix Shop -121.00

So, I know I can do better. But, I have to get more organized in order to be under budget. Blah, Blah, Blah...........I have heard that before!

Have a great day!

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