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Saturday Savings At Walgreens

I went to Walgreens today to stock up on the Sauve Shampoo that was on special. I purchased 4 Suave shampoo's and after all was said and done, the price was adjusted and the final total was 6.00 dollars plus tax. No coupons today. So that is my final total. I did get the 6.00 dollar Register Rewards! So I went back through the line and did the same deal. 4 Suave shampoo's and the price was adjusted to 6.00 dollars plus tax. I used the Register Rewards and only had to pay the tax of about 42. cents.

So, I was able to stock up on 8 suave shampoos for about 85 cents each. It would have been a better deal if I had some coupons, but to tell you the truth I am sort of hit or miss with the whole coupon thing. Currently I am not really able to keep up on the coupons.

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