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Fire King Collection going, going, gone!

Last week was a pretty good week as far as not eating out at work. This is a big weakness for me because my place of employment is centrally located downtown near a Sobiks, Einstein's, a Wendy's and a 7-11. They are all within walking distance. So, I managed to not go to 7-11 in the AM all week to pick up a toquito ( really good but certainly not healthy). That is 25.00 that can be added. The toquitos are not that expensive, but I will usually get a soda or a pack of gum too.

For lunch, I only ate out once. I was a Subway that I went to and they have the 5.oo foot long special going on so that is what I got. I had other reasons for going to the Subway. It is located next to a cute antique shop that I have been meaning to go into for a long time. Not to but anything but to SELL.

I must confess, I am slightly obsessive when it comes to collecting just about anything. 10 years ago it was "Fire King Jadeite" ( Thanks to Pioneer woman for all of her pretty pictures I am borrowing) Dishes. I was obsessed with getting all of the Fire King that I could! I mean ALL!

Hubs actually built me a shed out back to house the collection. I must have at least 10 totes (the big plastic ones) of Fire King! I am done with it. The searching for the Fire King was a great stress reliever for me as I was in college and I needed a distraction. Fire King was it.!

I no longer keep it in the house. The sight of it reminds me of how bad my O/C behavior can get. And Besides, It needs a home with someone that will truly appreciate it.

Okay, so I am able to add another 20.oo dollar for the lunches I did not have to buy. I either brought them from home or a co-worker shared her lunch with me. Thanks Red!

Back to the antique shop, so I went in and explained my situation and the owner was very much interested in my collection. She said she will call me next week and come out to the house and see what she wants out of the collection.

So add 45.00 to the Carpet fund...New total is 640.00! Almost half way there!

I will keep you posted on the Fire King adventure. I hope I don't become weak and decide NOT to part with it. oh dear.......

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