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Forgetful Friday

What is going on?? Am I really getting to the age where I am forgetting lots of things….Maybe so.

I am a creature of habit, but even that does not seem to help me all the time. For instance, every morning I have a routine that I usually do not deviate from. I wake up; I turn off the alarm, turn on the coffee, let the dog out and get in the shower. Simple. And everyday I will wash my hair in the shower. Without fail. So, today, (and this has not been the first time this has happened) get in the shower, start washing my hair and realize that I am using the conditioner. Great. Start over and use the right bottle! Not such a big deal, but still makes me wonder about my memory…

So, later on today while at work I glance in the mirror to check my makeup ( oh yes, I havd a little vanity) and I think to myself, what looks so different? Well, right before I get ready to head home I check the mirror again and I finally figured it out. No Freaking mascara on nary an eyelash!! None. Wonderful.. So now do I have to have post-its in the bathroom so I can run through a checklist?

Foundation…… check. Eyeshadow…. Check. Eyeliner….. Check. Mascara……. Hey…. Don’t forget the Mascara!!! ….Check.

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