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Friday Mini-Roundup

At Get Rich Slowly, A great guest article " How to Save Hundreds by Playing the Drug Store Game" was written by Cathy from Chief Family Officer.
"When played at the highest level, the Drugstore Game requires only a couple of dollars out of pocket each week to keep you and your family stocked on necessities like toiletries, paper goods and even groceries." The highest level..... I can't wait to reach it! Throught trial and error I will get there very soon!!

Did you know there is a NEW term for stockpiling? No, either did I until I read about
Anticipation Buying at The Simple Dollar. Trent holds a great discussion on "Anticipation Buying" ( stockpiling). I rather like the new term. Sounds very clean and edgy. :)

Just a couple of interesting articles I ran accross that I wanted to share with you.

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Rachel said...

I like the term "anticipation buying" too! For me, that is truly how I approach my stock piling-- trying to anticipate what is next and what will be needed. Get while it's cheap or free now so that later, I won't have to pay full price! (Thanks also for the comment on my blog! You gave me a great idea for a new post!)