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Planning a Family Reunion

Our Family Reunion takes place every two years in a small, small Wisconsin village. I am in Florida and through our family blog I am helping my cousin ( she lives in Wisconsin) to plan the event. The reunion is July 19th. So far only 3 people have RSVP. Now... it may be assumed that "everyone" is going... but come on people..... WE NEED A HEAD COUNT!!

There are about 75 family members. and if they all are going to show up , well we need to have enough food for everyone. So anyway... I posted the following on the family blog ( we are a blog happy family!) as a reminder to everyone that if you are going... you need to let us know! What do you think?


Just a reminder that the Reunion (July 19th,2008) is less than a month away. I spoke to Sara Banta Ricci today and she wanted me to pass the following information along.

“In order for the caterer to plan accordingly, a ­ definite head count is required by Sunday, July 6th. As of now, Sara has only heard from about three family members.

Another important item is the cost involved for the caterer, and the deposit for the photographer. To adequately cover the expenses incurred, a fee of $9.00 dollars per adult and 5.50 per child 13 years old and under is being requested. This will cover food, drinks, and deposit for the photographer.

The menu tentatively is

Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Fruit Trays
Vegetable Trays

Bottled Water, Gatorade and Soda will also be provided.

Also, you are reminded to bring your own lawn chairs, and maybe a couple of extras for the “out of towners”.

Sara Ricci Address

608 ---- 9288

Reunion Photographs will be available online via the photographer’s website for purchase.
Any funds not used this year will be set aside for the next reunion.
So.... now we wait. Come on family..........!!

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webdrops said...

woah!! a blog friendly family... :) good ... manging things become more easy with an Internet savvy family members