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Fugal Uses for Instant Coffee

Many coffee connoisseurs turn their noses up at the very mention of humble instant coffee. And while I admit to preferring to grind my own beans and brew a fresh, aromatic pot, there are many good uses for that jar of brown crystals that make it a pantry staple well-worth keeping on hand, even for the most die-hard coffee snobs.

Saving a pot of weak coffee. If you brew your regular coffee and it turns out tasting weak, add a spoonful of instant coffee to revive it instead of wasting it and pouring it down the sink.
If you're in the mood for an icy, frothy coffee drink, it's easy to add some instant coffee to the blender along with milk, sugar, flavorings and ice (or even ice cream - yum!). No need to brew and chill fresh coffee first.

A little instant coffee adds an appetizing, rich brown color to pale beef stew or pot roast gravy. It doesn't taste like coffee. You'll just taste a very subtle hint of smokiness in the background.

When baking anything mocha-flavored, use instant coffee instead of the more expensive instant espresso or mix with water to replace brewed coffee. Delicious mocha brownies are as easy as whipping up a box mix and adding a spoonful of instant coffee.

Those desperate mornings when you run out of regular coffee, or the time to brew it. Especially if you doctor it with cream and sugar anyway, today's instant coffees really aren't all that bad and can be a big savings if it keeps you from the trendy coffee shop for your daily fix. Letting it stand for a minute after mixing with hot water allows the flavor to develop and mellows any bitterness.


Bev said...

love instant coffee in mocha!

Rachael said...

I am drinking an iced mocha made with instant coffee right now! Great tips;)

Kevin Hyatt said...

I wonder if you can mix the stuff into some alcoholic beverages..

Kevin S Hyatt said...

Nescafe brand instant coffee is better than many cheap brands of coffee grinds, plus you get a few advantages with the instant stuff vs the brew it up stuff;

- *Just add hot water for INSTANT COFFEE* the main point to this stuff is the fact that all you need is a cup of hot water and you'll have a nice hot caffeinated beverage. So you can make it without a coffee maker, or filters. Perfect for camping trips and bachelors)

- *Quicker to make*

- *Single or multiple servings* saves you money if you often dump unused coffee down the drain

- *Mix it to your liking* if it tastes weak, just add more

- *You don't necessarily need to add water* adds potential for mixing into food or beverages

- *Iced Coffee* You can probably mix the stuff directly into ice water for a nice cold beverage on a hot day. It tastes even better with sugar and cream.

This stuff is definitely under appreciated.