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Hey!!!! That's not funny.......

You have to keep your sense of humor. Because if you don't you will just crumble in a pile and cry. I am somewhat caught up on the school stuff, so I have a few minutes to tell about the last two weeks.

You see, last Monday ( I was home from work while my arm was healing) my hubs pulled up in the driveway with his work van. Hmm... maybe he forgot a tool, or he was coming home for lunch. Nope.

He was given the news that he was being laid off due to a slowdown in the company's business. Whaaat..... Oh yes. He and 3 other employees were laid off. So he had to come home and remove his personal tools from his work van, gather his uniforms, fax machine, and work manuals and return the van, and other items to the company.

So... its okay.... we believe God has a bigger and better plan for hubs. The Lord will put him where he needs to be.

So, Wednesday I am back to work and my arm is great. No pain.... absolutely wonderful. Thursday.... at work, I was paged to the front for a patient question and in a matter of seconds another incident injures my already injured arm. Oh yes.... the pain is back.

In a nutshell, the paramedic was running as he turned the corner, he was still looking over his shoulder and did not see me or he would have slowed down. He was coming very fast, and without thinking I put my left arm out(dominant arm) to stop him from running me over and BAM!!!! Instant pain. My arm is again re injured.

Now it is a workman comp issue and I am so hoping to avoid surgery to repair the tear. I am back at work, limited duty for my left arm. Waiting for physical therapy to begin.

So, now you are up to date. Hubs currently without a job, and my arm reinjured. It will all work out. God is in control!


Ginger said...

Lisa, you are in my prayers. Keep the faith and try to avoid negative input. Yes, this too shall pass.


pam said...

Lisa, you are right, it will work out 'cause God is in control. I've just returned to work, part time, after having been off for 9 months due to some complications from a surgery on my leg. It took me a long time to realize that I just had to let my need for control go, because God does have a master plan. Now, I'm still not fully healed and there sure are days where I question things, but it will be alright. Hang in there, I'll be praying for you. Pam.

Lisa said...

Thanks. I will definitely keep the faith.


I am sure God does have a master plan... and it will be fine.

I really appreciate all of your well wishes!!